Going Green

The Palms on St. Croix Takes Strides to “Go Green”

The Palms at Pelican Cove has begun a journey to become St. Croix’s “green” hotel. We are working towards conserving energy and maintaining a hotel and restaurant that works with the surrounding environment.

The Palms is located on an active turtle-nesting beach and is working with local environmental groups to help protect the natural habitat of endangered leatherback, hawksbill and green turtles.

During phase one, we will be installing energy efficient lighting and appliances, switch to environmentally friendly cleaners and contribute scrap food to a composting program. We are continuing work with the St. Croix Environmental Association and CHANT to ensure we are consistent with their efforts to protect the local environment. We protect turtle habitat and plan ecologically sound reforestation and vegetation conservation. To assist with guest safety at the beach, we have recently put up buoy lines to designate a safe swimming area.

During phase two we will be installing an underground drainage system that will empty into two silt ponds to help dispose of run off water and to prevent erosion. We will create geo-block parking lots to help water go into the ground and not contribute to run off. We will also participate in a property-wide rainwater harvesting program and grey water containment.

We will be converting to solar panels for hot water heating as well as pursuing other cost efficient solar energy applications.

We will definitely keep you updated as we succeed with our plans and take strides to further improve our eco-friendly resort.